Rise Above and Beyond Medical Debt

BuoyFi® helps you chart a course to a healthier financial destination.

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Knowing you are under the weight of medical debt can be overwhelming. Engaging with BuoyFi can be liberating—giving you the freedom to think beyond the bills.

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Make a Plan

BuoyFi Calculator* uses your medical debt info and income to map out a personalized plan to pay what you can afford – as a single settlement or in monthly payments you can handle.
*Patent Pending

Simplify Savings

BuoyFi Savings makes preparing for future medical expenses easy by saving small, affordable amounts every time you swipe for coffee, buy groceries, or pay your utilities*.

BuoyFi Savings
BuoyFi Payments

Organize and Pay your Bills

BuoyFi Payments keeps track of your bills and debts all in one place so you can stay on top of your payments*.

* BuoyFi Savings and BuoyFi payments are temporarily unavailable as we are making some improvements to our platform. We look forward to offering these upgraded products to our members very soon!

BuoyFi's Mission

Our Mission is to empower all Americans to free themselves from burdensome medical debt while building healthier financial futures.

Frequently Asked Questions

BuoyFi uses your income and medical debt balance to calculate both a single payment settlement and affordable monthly payment options. These solutions were developed with guidance from our partners who have engaged with more than 21 million patients representing 44 million healthcare accounts to help reduce their medical debt.  We encourage you to use BuoyFi’s guidelines and tools to negotiate a solution that fits your budget, save for future expenses, and better manage your personal finances.  

BuoyFi’s Calculator tool uses your household income and medical debt balance to suggest an affordable settlement and payment plan options. Enter your information manually, or use our secure data partners Plaid and BillGO to automatically sync BuoyFi with your payroll, banking, and billing accounts to personalize your recommendations based on your actual income and debt.

We’re committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal information. We use the same encryption tech as leading names in banking and finance to keep your data safe and protect your log-in credentials.

BuoyFi recommends an affordable settlement or payment plan based on your household income and medical debt, and informed by decades working with patients to resolve burdensome debt by building an affordable payment plan. While select BuoyFi partners have agreed to accept Buoyfi’s settlement proposals and plans, you also can use our recommendations with non-partners to suggest a reduced balance and negotiate more affordable payment terms. Just send our recommended settlement to your creditor and review our tips for negotiating medical debt here. Check out this blog post for more information.

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September 11, 2022
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For many working families across the country, healthcare expenses and medical bills are oftentimes stressors that continue to pile up with no end in sight – especially for those who are in need of ongoing medical attention or are dealing with an unexpected illness.
August 31, 2022
2022 BuoyFi Medical Debt Survey
Survey of Americans with burdensome medical debt found that nearly all (94%) have health insurance.
August 30, 2022
How to Negotiate Medical Bills in Collections
An industry insider offers tips on how to negotiate with medical debt collectors and pay off your medical debt.