About Us

BuoyFi Mission

Our Mission is to empower all Americans to free themselves from burdensome medical debt while building healthier financial futures. We do this by:

Helping you understand how much medical debt you can afford to pay

Recommending personalized plans to help you take the first step forward

Providing tools to prepare you for both today and tomorrow’s medical and other expenses

Why We Started BuoyFi

41% of working-age Americans are struggling with medical debt. Many have no idea how they’ll ever pay it off. As former collections executives, health care technologists and debt counselors, we’ve seen the impact rising medical debt has on patients and care providers. We helped millions of patients take the first steps toward resolving their debt and securing more than $65 million in debt reduction.

But we wanted to do more.

Debt forgiveness organizations and crowd-funding play an important role in addressing medical debt. Yet neither offer scalable solutions for the majority of Americans, or for care providers that rely heavily on patient funding to keep their doors and hospital beds open. Patients struggling with medical debt want to pay what they can afford for the quality care they receive. But they often need help taking the first step forward when the medical bills are more than they can pay. We set out to help patients understand what they can afford, build a practical plan to rise above medical debt and save for future medical expenses.

We created BuoyFi.

Leadership Team

Steve Wright
Steve Wright
Christiane Freese-Jones, Vice President of Product Management at BuoyFi
Christiane Freese-Jones
Vice President, Product Management
Peter Thompson, Vice President of Client Services at BuoyFi
Peter Thompson
Vice President, Client Services
Sarabeth Herron, Vice President of Platform Engineering at BuoyFi
SaraBeth Herron
Vice President, Platform Engineering
Catie Collins, Director of Operations at BuoyFi
Catie Collins
Director, Operations
Connie Ven, Product Director at BuoyFi
Connie Ven
Director, Product
Chasity Rodriguez, Director of Healthcare Innovation at BuoyFi
Chasity Rodriguez
Director, Healthcare Innovation
Ivan Limongan, Senior UX/UI Designer at BuoyFi
Ivan Limongan
Senior UX/UI Designer
Jacob Melcher, Senior Software Engineer at BuoyFi
Jacob Melcher
Senior Software Engineer
Orbelina Summerset, Concierge Services Manager at BuoyFi
Orbelina Summerset
Manager, Concierge Services
Sanela Suhopoljac, Compliance Manager at BuoyFi
Sanela Suhopoljac
Manager, Compliance
Carlos Craig, Full-Stack Engineer at BuoyFi
Carlos Craig
Full-Stack Software Engineer
Lucas Condon, Full-Stack Software Engineer at BuoyFi
Lucas Condon
Full-Stack Software Engineer
Tayler Wright, Marketing and Communications Manager at BuoyFi
Tayler Wright
Manager, Marketing & Communications

Earning Your Trust

From industry-leading data security to personalized settlement recommendations, we reduce stress and empower users to take control of their financial health by making more confident and productive decisions.
Learn more about BuoyFi’s security protocols and data sharing policies.