Your Information Is Secure

BuoyFi uses the income and medical debt information you provide to generate guidance of affordable payment options. You can enter information manually, or use our secure platform to automatically sync BuoyFi with your banking and billing accounts to create personalized payment guidelines based on your total income and debt.

BuoyFi Keeps User Data Safe

  • Dual factor authentication and native biometric tools through Apple and Android to secure access.
  • Data encryption of all personal data in transit and at rest
  • App is hosted by Amazon Web Services, not on BuoyFi servers

Trusted Security Partners

Our technology partners are trusted by banks and fintech’s worldwide:

  • Plaid
  • BillGO
BuoyFi Security

Our Policy: You Decide What To Share

BuoyFi uses trusted technology partners to inform our recommendation engine and securely manage the movement of data and payments across the web. You also can securely provide personal data to find medical debt balances and set up bank accounts to save for future medical expenses. While we always look for ways to simplify, automate, and facilitate debt resolution and savings, we will never sell or share your personal data without your approval.